The difference between our roadbike and racebike filters

The foam material of our racingfilters have a much more open structure compared to the roadfilters foam material which makes the duration of the maintainance much shorter , the protection is at the same level as our roadbike filters but for a shorter time , therefore the maintainance is much more intensive. Maintainance frequency for racebike filters are afther every two raceweekends. Therefore are racebike filters are NOT suiteable for roadbikes

Our roadbike filters have a recommended maintainance frecuency of once a year …. regardless the milage .

Even when you have ridden 50 miles that year stick to the guidelines , priority for the filter is that the foam must not dry out , keep it “wet” from oil

In countries around the Equator with high tempature and high himidity , the frequence must shortend to twice a year . Racebike filter can stay with the normal frequency of maintainance

Only MWR Biodegradable filteroil and Biodegradable filters cleaner may be used to protect the filter also from backfire.

Guidelines for Maintainance the MWR Airfilters

How to clean your MWR filter

1) Immerse the filter in MWR filtercleaner for 30 minutes

2) Wash the filter in hot water with dishwatersoap

3) rinse the filter with clear water untill all soap is out of the filter

4) Let the filter dry

5) When the filter is completly dry spray the filter on both sides with oil and massage the oil gently in the foam , make sure there is no dry place left .When you have a normal can with oil hold the filter almost vertical and gently drop oil onto the filter on both sides , then massage the oil gently into the foam

MWR maintainance products

MWR-001 : MWR maintainance set 250ml

MWR-002 : MWR maintainance set 250ml spraycan

MWR-003 : 1Ltr MWR airfilter oil

MWR-004 : 1Ltr MWR airfilter cleaner