With ALL current sportsfilters (also the std. MWR performance filter) we have seen optical and on data the fuel from the upper injectors will blown away due to the force of the incoming air. Open up a airbox afther a race , the inside of the airbox it is fully wet from the fuel blowing away.

With introducing the “R” filter it came clear that not only all four cylinders  get the same amount of air but also the fuelflow of the upper injectors was better so the effect increased.

Not only the airflow is important also the flow of the fuel from the upper injectors is important . The better we “guide” the incoming air the bigger the effect of the upper injectors the more topspeed.

Afther a  long time period of testing with our top teams we found out that a adjustable plate could increase the effect of the upper injectors even more , infact so much that topspeed gains of 4-5 Km/h are possible.

By lifting the plate at the front the incoming is forced to go all the way up to the top of the airbox and falls down together with the fuel of the upper injectors and almost no fuel is blowing away. This effect will be optimized by lower the rear of the plate . Optical this can be seen by open the airbox afther a race , the airbox is almost dry on the inside.

Fuel adjustments are necessary , but these adjustments can go both ways , richer or leaner , this all depents of the construction of the airbox : the position of the airfilter – the space between upper injectors & stacks and variable stacks or not . Follow the instructions of the lambda numbers and the power will come.

Quote from :

MAHI RACING TEAM INDIA  (Kawasaki Factory Racing WSS 600) :We had the filters tested by Akira Technologies  and they told us to go ahead and fit them as there was a considerable improvement from the standard racefilter”.

Quote from one of our test teams : 

"We tested these Adjustment kits for MWR  on the Daytona 675 and forum we could get more mid range or more top end depending upon how the plate was angled. For me that's a difference between a wet and a dry weather map or different tracks which require top end or mid range".


There is one exeption to the rule , the use of the adjustment kit for the 1199 Panigale High Efficient & Full Race filter.

The 1199 has a difference in fuelling between front & rear cylinder from about 9/10% .10% diference in fuelling between the two cilinders means also 10% difference in power. So ... on a 200hp bike the rear cilinder delivers 90hp and the front cilinder 110hp . Two different powers in one engine causes vibrations and vibrations causes engine cranks and blow-ups .With the “R” filter we could drop this difference with 6%.By using the adjustment kit you can open up the top of the plate and “guide” more air to the rear cylinder . By doing this the engine is even more in balance and the engine comes alive . Fuel adjustments are necessary , fuel adjustments of each cylinder separate are necessary . With the std. ECU & Corse ECU this is not possible . Therefore we advise to use a fueldevise what makes this options possible .


 The Adustmentkit MWR-500 can only be used on  the “HE” filters for a extra handy . Racebikes used on tracks with very strikt noiseregulations  can drop the plate to the minimum hight of 8mm to reduce the intake noise even more .

All measurements are done at the end of the plate (front & rear)


The Adjustmentkit MWR-500 includes  4x springs , 4x bolts and  4x locknuts




Below you find the advised basic settings for the Full Race filters . Afther these basic settings costumers can optimize the performance to their own preference , weather conditions , different tracks which require top end or mid range. By changing the hight on the rear side you can change the character of the engine. We advise to adjust the rear of the plate not more as 2mm at the same time.


Basic plate settings for all full racefilters

Hight at the front : 26mm

Hight at the rear : 12 mm



MC-110-10R  : Top – 16mm  / bottom - 12mm (measured from the foam)

MC-022-12R : Top – 26mm / bottom – 15mm

MC-030-08R : Front - 20mm / rear - 12mm

MC-061-12R : Front – 23mm / rear – 11

MC-080-13R : Top - 26mm / bottom – 15mm

MC-090-09R : Top – 26mm  / rear – 15mm